ISI AC Cobra

ISI's AC 427 delivers one of the worlds most iconic open top sports cars to rFactor2 for all of us to enjoy. Beautifully modelled and with period handling this brilliant addition to rF2 is one for the skilled driver.

With a huge amount of torque from low down in any gear it takes commitment to get the best out of this car and only several hours driving it round your favourite track will allow you to get used to it.

You can be sure that your arms and your concentration will get a good workout though and you will surely have a huge smile on your face while you are driving it.

You need a lot of patience on the brakes which feel quite wooden and its deceptively fast meaning you arrive at a corner far quicker than you think you are actually going which can lead to many trips off the road until you master it.

Wheel spin is available on tap and a skilled driver will be able to endlessly drift this beast around corners. With a full tank of fuel it can be slightly on the twitchy side especially in first and second. If you have not driven it before we suggest only using the power in 3rd and 4th until you get used to the handling.

The best way to learn this car is to start slowly and build up to speed as it has none of the grip a car with an aero package will have. Learn to drive the AC well and you should have no problems mastering any car available in rF2.