rFactor2 URD T5

A well sorted, quick and fine handling mod, the URD T5 is everything you would expect from United Racing Design.

The quality of the mod really shines through, from the sounds to the feel at the wheel and once you have mastered them and tweaked the setup to your driving style they are possibly one of the most rewarding of this style of car to drive in rFactor2. It shows the rest of the world how a mod should be done and is on par with our greatest mods.

Twitchy in the low gears and a bit of a handful on the brakes in slow speed corners as the aero bleeds off, these really are epic cars to drive. The different models of cars all feel unique and there are DRS and non-DRS versions.

These can be driven round any track and you are sure to have a big grin on your face as they are very satisfying to drive. The FFB is brilliant too and you can really feel what the car is doing.