Q. Help! My posts are being marked as spam

F1SR's forum has anti spam technology to prevent malicious users posting things such as advertising links and porn.

If your post is being flagged as spam check the following:

  • Dont post too often in the space of a short time.
  • Try not to add too many web links in your post.
  • If you need to add links add the text first and then edit your post to add the links after.
  • Dont post more than one YouTube video in the space of 30 seconds.
  • Ensure you are not a spammer and you are not blacklisted on any anti spam websites and lists such as Stop Forum Spam.

Q. Help! My Login is not working!

F1SR runs a spam checking system on the forum to prevent bots from signing up. If your login does not work or has been flagged as spam please either wait a few hours for an Admin to set your login to trusted or email us using the email address at the bottom of this page

Q. Where are the private messages?

The Private Messages link can now be found on the left hand side of your profile

Q. My rFactor2 Skin does not work

If you are scratching your head wondering why your rF2 skin does not work in a 3rd party mod, its not always a mistake you are making. Sometimes mods don't have the necessary structure to allow for custom skins. If you are having issues with skins ask on our forum where someone will try and help you out.

Currently the MakCorp Group C mod does not allow for custom skinning.

Q. What Racing Wheel should I use?

We recommend either the T500RS or the Logitech G27/G25 which are good value for what you get. They are good enough for any sim racing fan and although they are more expensive systems on the market these are a great start. They can also be picked up second hand if you wish to save a bit of money.

Q. I am new to rFactor2 is that a problem?

Of course not. rFactor2 has been a bit of a niche game since its launch but now its on Steam we expect to have many more new drivers. So feel free to join us and we will give you all the help we can.

Q. How do I login on a mobile?

You can either click the "home" menu item which shows a dropdown with a login form or go to the bottom of the site and click the sign in link under the For Members quick menu

Q. Can I have a custom skin?

Most of our league run with custom skins. If you cant do skinning we are sure one of the forum members will help you out with one.

Q. Do I need to sign up for the forum?

We would rather you did sign up so you can get to know us all as we have a lot of fun together. Its not mandatory but it would be nice if you did. You don't need to use any personal information if you don't want to.

Q. What Sims do you race with?

At F1SR we concentrate on racing with rFactor2, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa with a wide variety of tracks and mods. We race all styles from F1 and Single Seaters to Le Mans and Tin Tops. Our leagues are always fun and professional and offer everything whether you are a seasoned sim addict or new to it all.

Q. When do you race?

We generally race on Wednesdays and Saturdays but most of us can also be found practising on a Friday evening and often during the week. We usually start official sessions at 20:00 UK Time on Saturdays and 19:45 UK time on weekdays. If you have any questions please visit us in the forum.

Q. Do you have rules?

We have a full rules based racing system with flags and race stewards. We like to race like gentleman and like clean racing which is fun and professional. If anyone falls foul of our rules you will usually incur a penalty of some sort much the same as in real life. If you are consistently ruining others races you may get a temporary ban. If you deliberately cause problems such as driving down a track backwards on purpose or ram other drivers for fun you will get an immediate ban for life from the servers and the forum.

It is your responsibility to read up and follow the rules for the benefit of all drivers.

Q. Do you allow non UK Drivers?

Yes of course, we welcome any drivers from all around the world and indeed have many drivers and forum members from all different nations.

Q. I am not a very quick driver is that an issue?

Not all of our drivers are world champions and we welcome all levels of ability. We always help out drivers who are slow and new to sim racing so they can get the best possible experience racing at F1SR. As long as you are clean and get out of peoples way when being lapped there is no problem. We have a policy of always sharing our setups with each other so everyone can benefit.

Q. What if I have a problem?

We are a friendly and professional bunch and wont tolerate any of the following, either too or from our forum members:

  • Abuse to others.
  • Swearing or being hurtful to others.
  • Bringing our forum into disrepute by bad mouthing us on other forums.
  • Deliberate spoiling of other drivers races.
  • Racism.
  • Stealing of our mods or intellectual property.
  • Posting of pornographic, illegal or defamatory comments.

We like to keep it fun and relaxed at F1SR so we can all enjoy our passion for racing. If you have a question, problem or issue with anyone or anything please send a private message to one of our forum admins who will be pleased to help you out.