F1SR is Back!

After a lay-off of about a year and a stab at trying a new site, F1SR, one of the best known modding and sim racing communities is back for a new start. We hope to achieve and grow to greater heights in 2016 than we ever have before with new leagues and events in all the popular sims and a new focus on producing mods every bit as good as we made before.

Why did we go in the first place? Back a few months ago a lot of us became tired emotionally with modding and the time it was taking and with the direction we were going in and wanted to try something different as an experiment to see what we could achieve. We always thought that one day F1SR would be back in some shape or form. Sometimes life gets in the way and as we all have jobs and families it was becoming hard to find the time to give our passion what it deserved. With racing, modding, as well as running leagues while trying to pay the bills and focus on life, we were just running out of time and needed a good rest.

Are you staying around this time? We feel fresh, rested and invigorated with a tight knit team of people some who have been with us for years and some that are newer, feel we now have a direction and focus that is better than ever before. We are proud of our achievements in the sim racing world and hope to grow on those to become bigger and better than ever before. This is a completely fresh and new start for us and we aim to be around for many a year to come.

What can we expect from the new F1SR? With our new F1SR site and forum we expect to be creating new and great mods for rFactor2 and AC, as well as running leagues both mid-week and on the weekend that are popular for all drivers. In the past we have had issues with leagues that were not well subscribed too, chosen by those who "shouted the loudest" and we now wish to run leagues that are professional, popular and longer than they were before, using the mods that people like driving. We also want to focus on and are hoping to have leagues in other sims apart from rF2 but that depends on whether those platforms are ready for multiplayer and can run a league smoothly.