TOPIC: F1SR rF2 F1 2018 League Rd 6 Monaco 26th May
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Circuit de Monaco Monaco

26th May 2018

Race timings:

Official Practice: 20:00 UK Time - 60 Minutes

Qualifying: 21:00 UK Time - 30 Minutes

Warmup: 21:30 UK Time - 10 Minutes

Race: 21.40 UK Time - 47 laps + 1 formation

Fuel: Normal

Weather: Realtime weather - refer to the forecast here:

Permitted Tyres: Supersoft, Ultrasoft, Hypersoft Compounds (if track mod permits)


You must start the race on the tyre you used to set your fastest Q3 time.

Local race start-time: 12pm

There are no pitting rules - so strategy is entirely up to you

Track link: auto download
Mod Link: auto download

DISCORD Voice Chat Race Channel

Once you have created your free Discord acc here

Discord Channel invite

We have racing rules - race like a gentleman and don't knock other drivers off-track especially on the first lap. If you do accidentally knock someone else off into the undergrowth - you must stop as soon as safety permits and wait for that car to regain the track and continue its race ahead of you

If you sustain aero damage to your car in the course of the race you must pit and repair the damage. No cars will be allowed to race with major bodywork (ie. front end & splitter) missing. You should pit on the next available lap to repair the damage. We will review the replays after the race and anyone found to be driving with significant damage may be disqualified.

The general league rules can be found and read here:

No Chat in Qualifying or the Race please. The only permitted chat in race is asking for a restart and only within the first lap.

Drivers are reminded that grievances and issues are not to be aired in a manner that creates friction in public - if you have a problem send a private message or discuss it with an Admin member.

If for any reason you cannot make the race please state below in the thread, so you car can be used by someone else.

Restarts will be at the sole discretion of the server administrator but generally there will not be any.
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Soo.. another Monaco is nearly here :cheer:

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Love Monaco and super happy to win this one, felt untouchable all night and except a half tenth jump start it was a perfect race, I just pushed as hard as I could and at the beginning and there must of been some carnage as I did my drive thru and still just held of 3nd then worked on closing the gap and instead of trying to overtake I did the under cut then was sailing to the end with doing fastest lap at the end on the last lap. Thanks for some of the back markers moving over costing as little time for the both of us as possible and some who decided to stay in the way very unhelpful but guess that's Monaco.

Thanks admins for running the servers :)
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Just curious to know.... am I the only one experiencing lag/freezes when someone leaves the server? (Sometimes the odd other occasion too!)

It pretty much wrecked my race in Barcelona and then again yesterday and has been happening for quite a while on and off.

Unfortunately for Pietro the first one caused us to have a little bit of contact, the second time ended his race. :(

I can recall Monza last year, where I was ahead going down the straight, by the time I got to the chicane the car behind was literally on top of my car (double decker race car!), same with Baku and Barca this year, a car behind would just warp in front of me.

Yesterday was a real nightmare for me due to the amount of retirements, and as you can imagine, a momentary freeze at Monaco is a disaster. (I don't think I ended the race with any of the parts I started with, a couple front and rear wings, side panels, rolled the car a couple times, off set steering wheel, which actually made turning into some corners easier, lol, and a couple 30+ sec pit stops. :woohoo: )

I'm quite sure it's not a hardware issue, my PC has 9 fans and overheating is not a problem (the Mrs complains about the noise but I keep telling her I don't have a clue what she's saying because my headphones are too loud, lol ;) ) i5 7600k, MSI R9 390, MSI Z270 M7, Corsair RM 850x & 16GB, all settings maxed out except PP-low and rain-med. Wired connection to router.

I use crew chief, Dashmeterpro (tablet) Dashpanel (phone) & Z1 dashboard on an additional monitor, I don't use any HUD's and have my fps locked at 59, and a fov of 19 ( I've wondered if this makes a difference if I'm racing with someone who has a fov of say 60, are we in sync? or does mine have to catch up or slow down so to speak! a straight would appear much longer to him than me, warping/stutter?)

I don't have any problems offline and haven't noticed it in other leagues, and have no issues when practising on the server and people disconnect, it only seems to happen come the race (maybe my network settings and bandwidth??)

I really want to get this sorted as I really enjoy racing some of you guys and I feel for Pietro..

Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated guys... Thx. :)
p.s Sorry if this appears more than once, was having problems posting from my pad.
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It won't be fov (field of view) as that's only how much car you see in front of you. I've had it sometimes when someone leaves/ joins the server but it's not every time. Maybe where you're running more plugins your getting sync issues, I run crewchief and an ingame hud that's it.
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Thanks Nigel.

Maybe next race I'll run just the Dashpanel (car info, revs, gears, etc) , I use Dashmeterpro for tyres, fuel, timing, etc and Z1 for track info. Maybe I'll try a HUD.

I also have plugins for Simvibe & Motec installed, maybe they're conflicting?

Only thing is, it happens in race conditions so there's no testing it.
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