TOPIC: F1SR F1 75 2017 Rd4 Watkins Glen 25th April 2017
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Amazing race with Lee and Glen both times. I was worried I would be last as I was so slow and then suddenly found over 4 seconds on lap time, which got me to 4th in Qualy for R1, a second and a third for R1 and R2 gets me level with Lee on points :whistle: B) never thought I would say that...!
Watkins Glen, what an awesome circuit...
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Always love the Glen - Glen at the Glen ha !!! So I practiced hard this week and to my surprise actually like the Tyrell. If there was another season in one car, I'd probably go this one.

Race 1. - get in for a good qualifying time, knowing Calum was push push push, and he did surprisingly get a good time last doors. Narrow margin of 0.3 but it got me 2nd. Lee as usual was ballistic ! :D
Good start (finally getting to grips with good starts) and managed to hold 2nd place after turn , trying to glue myself to Lee's derrière ! Suddenly his car goes west at the brow of the uphill chicane (and I narrowly avoid him, i'll clean my underwear after the race I thought to myself ), allowing me to inherit first. As I knew pace wise I would be able to pull away from Calum slowly if I was careful and consistent I set in to male some space. You got this Glen ! I thought to my self....
Putting some space between me and Calum I continued carefully , I continued to lead the race.....on wait, what's this... a stutter....phew it's ok I got this partner....I got this BULLSH*T !!
Suddenly Calum crashed into me...Nooooooo
Luckily, we both came out unscathed and only losing a place to John, we got going again. I had no damage thankfully, and preceded to hunt John down. I'll repeat Lee's phrase all evening - "That f***ing Brabham !!", Damn that cars quick and despite gaining on corners, he found good pace and managed to pull a slight lead. So despite having good pace myself, John maintained the 2nd place with myself finishing a second or so behind.
A god race, I felt a little robbed of 1st place because of the internet gods - but that's o line racing. Sorry to my teamie though, I kinds hindered his championship lead with my lag :(

Race 1 - Penske
Might as well have picked the Mystery machine from Scooby Doo !
Actually managed to get to grips with this car, despite it's under steer, but it had good brakes. Again a good start, and after careful negotiation into T1, and avoidance going into the uphill chicane got myself into 3rd. With another off, it was Calum in the lead and myself 2nd. I did my level best to hang onto the back of that Lotus, but she drives well and especially with a good driver, Calum pulled out a good lead (nearly a second a lap). Ok so 2nd it is....but......
Arrghhhh - Thee was mention of watching Lee's times close as he caught us up in the Poonani....Well your lucky I thought, I got t hear him before I could check the timings, and proceeded 2 -3 laps of the most defensive driving I could deliver, strategically placing my car in every position to not give Lee a chance to pass, despite his superior speed over mine. Lee held his wits about him and pulled a good move towards the end of the lap, gaining the space, of which took my attention from the fact John was catching in te Tyrell. Some mid race discussions around the Penske's fugly mirrors caught me out, and a brain fart gear miss allowed John to grab 3rd. I tried to recover, but Tyrell vs Penske is like King Kong vs Ant man ! ha !
Finally settled for 4th.

Summary - brilliant nights racing, Calum keeping me fresh in race 1, John and that F IN Brabham :cheer: !!! Race 2, amazing tussles with both Lee and John, with some ace driving from Calum to take the Win.

Looking forward to next week al

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It was a great nights racing for sure!!!!!
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