TOPIC: FBMW 2018 League Round 5 Birmingham 12th Dec 18
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Birmingham - USA

Race timings:

Official Practice: 20.00 UK (London) Time - 45 Minutes

Qualifying: 20.45 - 30 mins

Warmup: 21:15 - 10 Minutes

Race 1: 21:25 - 20 mins

Warmup: 21:45 - 15 Minutes

Race 2 : 22:00 - 20 mins (ballast applied)

Free Practice: F1SR rFactor2 Server

Weather: Real time

Local race start-time: 1pm

There are no pitting rules - so strategy is entirely up to you

Track link: Auto Download from Server
Mod Link: Auto Download from Server

Discord Channel invite

We have racing rules - race like a gentleman and don't knock other drivers off-track especially on the first lap. If you do accidentally knock someone else off into the undergrowth - you must stop as soon as safety permits and wait for that car to regain the track and continue its race ahead of you

If you sustain aero damage to your car in the course of the race you must pit and repair the damage. No cars will be allowed to race with major bodywork (ie. front end & splitter) missing. You should pit on the next available lap to repair the damage.

The general league rules can be found and read here:

No Chat in Qualifying or the Race please - please keep chat to a minimum in qualifying and the race.

Please do not leave and enter the server during qualifying as this causes lag. If its near the end of qualifying wait for it to end before entering.
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Ah man I bloody love this circuit
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Cheers for the update Stu...close between me you and John for sure!

Great evening racing again gents...everyone I met on track was a good battle. Also the gap battle at the end was very focusing Tony :)

Happy with the win in race 2, doesn't happen often so always enjoy it when it does. (even though its pretty much down to the quick guys having weight added...still fun tho :) )

See you at the weekend!
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A win is a win Rarri and you were very fast all night - so well deserved!

As for me I really enjoyed last night - the track and car selection was just perfect.

Really happy with my lap to take pole but as ever was beaten off the line by Lee in race 1. Couldn't find a way to make a clean overtake without divebombing which risked taking us both out, so I tried to stay as close as I could. There was only really one opening where I could've made a move stick safely but Lee got the better exit and crossed the line 0.057 ahead of me. Amazing stuff and loads of fun - perhaps I was slightly too hesitant at times but lessons learnt.

Race 2 was tricky, was helped a bit off the line with others having problems and lead for majority of the race. Sadly I felt a huge drop in car handling once the fuel went out and became a bit of a sitting duck with one of the heavier cars on the grid for the last couple of laps Was pleased to cling on for a podium to complete a fun night.

I really feel these cars are bringing extremely close racing which can only be a good thing. That being said, whilst the variety of ballast is good I do miss the reverse grid races which although occasionally chaotic were usually great fun.
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