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So, I just finished watching the F1 race at Monza. I was thinking Ferrari really HAD a chance to win the title this year and Vettel the drivers championship, they have the best package they’ve had in a long time but honestly, Ferrari can’t seem to get out of its own way to do it. They will look back on this year and realized that they finally had a legitimate chance at winning the title and they threw it away. They just keep compounding their mistakes and not learning from them. This race is the latest example of it.

1st: It started yesterday when they put Vettel out 1st in the 3rd qualifying session and let Kimi get the toe that put him on the pole, the top 3 were all that close but it made all the difference in the start of today’s race.

2nd: Moving forward to today it allowed Lewis to get a great run on Sebastian into the 1st chicane, before the chicane Vettel was kind of weaving back and forth (no idea why he was doing that, was he trying to block Lewis or intimidate Kimi) This allowed Lewis to grab the inside line and then Sebastian panicked when he saw Lewis and spun which in reality he threw away his race.

3rd: This now puts Kimi in an almost impossible position to win, sandwiched between the two Mercedes. Toto and company play the perfect strategy forcing Kimi to make the 1st move to when he has to pit letting Lewis either pit 1st and run away or try and stay out longer but this issue is Valtteri is out there to back Kimi into Lewis.

4th: This is where Ferrari really messed up, Kimi has to pit at some point, once Ferrari knew Kimi wasn’t going to get by Valtteri they should have told Kimi just to back off and just keep Lewis behind him. All Kimi did in trying to pass Valtteri was use up his tires and obviously that’s what hurt Kimi once Valtteri pitted, he had nothing left to hold Lewis back. Ferrari didn’t learn from what Lewis did in the first stint and that was just sit back, save your tires for when you need them. Really after Sebastian's mistake this was the only way Kimi could have won, they did not have the car today to run away and hide, it really came down to strategy more then ever in this race.

5th: Ferrari only brining one set of soft tires to the race for Vettel, wtf. How is that even possible? Or when Vettel had to stop, put him on the mediums, they could not even practice with the softs and get any data on them with only one set, both Kimi and Sebastian paid dearly for that in the race.

I also don’t think the big power advantage that they say Ferrari has is as much of difference as they say. I watched Lewis and Valtteri both hold off the Ferrari’s, Television I feel wants to make us believe that Mercedes is the underdog and Ferrari is the better car, personally I think the Ferrari is a little better but the difference is minimal but in today’s F1 tires play such a big role in how good your car is, looking at the start of today’s race with no drs the Ferrari’s were not running away from the Merc’s or same in yesterday’s qual. Session.

In the pre-race & post-race commentary’s Niko was saying that Sebastian is making mistakes that are costing him the Championship and his pre-race comments were pretty prophetic in what again happened today. I don't know who is making the strategy calls in the Ferrari garage but he is not doing a very good job, lol.
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Good description of the race Dale, my heart sank when I saw Vettel spin at the 2nd chicane - when you see the replay you can see Hamilton's car did knock Vettel's (or they knocked against each other!) & the contact knocked Vettel's car into a spin :pinch:
& yes the two cars are almost exactly the same speed, like you say..

Problem for everyone else on the grid - Lewis is a racer in the class of Schumacher/Senna, he really is that good, & he knows it & thinks quickly in tight situations..

Having said that.. "Forza Ferrari!"
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I am surprised they have any toes left, the amount of times they keep shooting themselves in the feet... :pinch:
I agree, the performance difference is very tiny....I was reading that the Merc is still the most powerful in race trim but the Ferrari has the better one lap qualy performance.
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Love him or loathe him, you can't deny the fellas place in the sports echelons of F1 greats..

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