Poll: League Car Type Poll
Open Wheel Vintage 6 54.5%
Open wheel Modern 1 9.1%
GT3 Cars 2 18.2%
Custom-Manager League W/ multi cars 2 18.2%
Total number of voters: 11 ( Ferrari655, Magic43, Ozpata, cartandretti, Tony ) See more
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3 years 3 months ago #1244
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Ok thx a lot :)

"Never let a crash damp your enthusiasm. Heck we all have days like that!"
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3 years 3 months ago #1253
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The good news here is we have 11 people who have voted so far, which shows some serious interest.

The biggest problem I see is trying to find a time slot for a race series that is suitable for all parties involved. We have the problem of various time zones, that being said Saturday's are out because of the Group C league, F1SR has worked very hard to build up that league and it is working out very well, can't and won't mess with that. That leaves either a week night or Sunday afternoons and/or Sunday night for the European group, the issue with Sunday's is it will be very hard for Sam to make until later in the afternoon and if it gets to late it starts impacting the European group again. If it's a weekday we settle on to get this off the ground we'll need to start late enough for people on the west coast to be able to make the practice and race. If we run every other week running on Sunday afternoons how much of a commitment can we get from everyone because it is cutting into family time especially for those racing on Saturday's/night depending on you location. This is a tough one to figure out.

Frustrating in that we have enough numbers but how to match those numbers together and put it all together is the hard part, I would love for more input and suggestions from the group.
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3 years 3 months ago #1254
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I may have a solution.....

We are talking about this in the Admin section but I figure it cant hurt to speak about this publicly..

The problem - Time zone issues.. 1/2 the drivers in Europe or UK while the other 1/2 are in North America.

Solution - Endurance racing on weeknights..

Essentially we have teams with 1 driver in Europe and 1 in North America.

Race start with European drivers.. let's say 1.5 hour stint.. and then the North American drivers take over later on......

This can be done ..... we are working on a plan... although the driver swap option does not work in pCARS.. there is a method
that can work.. If there is interest I will show you all....
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3 years 3 months ago #1464
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Or wait for the Group C League to finish and then run a PCars test League on Saturdays for 5 initial races to iron out all the issues and get it so we can run it the best we can admin wise?
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3 years 3 months ago #1474
  • Tony
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That would be interesting John - just for a breath of fresh air :)

Incidentally I raced pCars with a few guys last night & it all went smoothly - no ghosts on the grid, & one other interesting thing I noticed is that the devs seem to be steadily decreasing the grip levels (by small amounts) with each update - & so upping the realism

That's what it seemed like to me driving a vintage BMW 2002 tintop at Oulton Pk - the car was as tricky to drive as the flippin' Howston G4 in rF2 ;)
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